IHRC condemns bloody police attack on Nigeria rally

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC condemns the unprovoked and wanton attack yesterday by police against a Shia religious procession in Nigeria Eight people are now confirmed dead and many more injured after the attack by police on the peaceful procession in the capital, Abuja. Police opened fire

PRESS RELEASE: Nigeria – Police fire on dispersing mourners in Sokoto

Islamic Movement targeted once more IHRC has received reports that police in Sokoto have fired live ammunition on mourners dispersing after the annual Ashura procession[1]. Reports state that at least one person has been killed, two are in critical condition and several others injured.   Witnesses

Muharram 2021

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Nigerian police open fire on Arbaeen procession

PRESS RELEASE Police in the Nigerian capital Abuja have opened fire with live ammunition at a peaceful procession of Shia Muslims marking the annual 40th day anniversary of Ashura. The marchers were fired on as they started the march after Friday prayers at one of

Fatalities as Nigerian police fire on Ashura marchers

PRESS RELEASE At least three people are dead and many more wounded after police opened fire with live ammunition on marchers in Nigeria taking part in annual Ashura processions. The fatalities were reported in Kaduna state and include a minor who was shot in the