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PRESS RELEASE – Zaria, Nigeria: Police open fire on Ashura procession

At least one person has been shot in the leg after police opened fire on a large procession marking the day of Ashura

Nigeria Digest #5

You will find an overview of the last two week's events including insight into demonstrations and Ashura mourning processions

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Police attack and arrest civilians marking Ashura

Armed police in Nigeria have broken up a gathering of civilians marking the historical events of Ashura, arresting at least six people.

PRESS RELEASE URGENT UPDATE – Nigeria: army kills at least 50...

The Nigerian state has launched a bloody crackdown on the IMN. Warning: Graphic images attached

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: President Buhari must protect Arbaeen commemorations

Suspected plans include attacking processions, burning homes and business premises of the participants while they are away, and hiring thugs to assault mourners

A Letter to President Buhari regarding the Arbaeen processions

IHRC has received credible reports that the military has laid plans to sabotage Arbaeen processions (as they are known) and inflict violence on the participants, their personal abodes and places of worship

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Release ‘prisoners of conscience’ immediately

Over a dozen people were killed by police and army gunfire during the processions last Wednesday

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