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The UK Hizbullah Ban

IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh, speaks about UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid's deciison to ban the political wing of Hizbullah.

Is the UK pushing a false narrative on Hezbollah?

Arzu Merali argues that the UK's ban on Hizbullah is the result in part of a capitulation to right wing thuggery and minority Zionist voices.In 2006, there was a war - another onslaught by the invincible...

Women’s liberation and the French burkini ban

The undressing of Muslim women by French authorities has a long colonial history

The creeping petty pace of anti-Muslim hatred and the tomorrow of...

Another poll finds a majority wants a burka ban, but this mood of hate was created by mainstream politicians who led the way for Ukip

PRESS RELEASE: France – Senate proposing more legalised racism against Muslims

Muslim women to be banned from wearing headscarf in nurseries and leisure industry

PRESS RELEASE: The Netherlands – Dutch parliament mulls ban on Halal...

Muslim and Jewish groups decry proposed legislation that they argue impinges their right to practise their religion, and freedom of religious expression.

Action Alert: Egypt – Violations by the army must be brought...

IHRC is concerned over the continued violations by the Egyptian army against the peaceful protesters, postponement of presidential elections and the new draft law criminalizing and banning protests.

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