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PRESS RELEASE – Obama’s clemency conceals an institutionally discriminatory criminal justice...

When it comes to the US criminal justice system Obama's legacy ought also to be judged by the prisoners who remain incarcerated

Press release: Obama’s ‘Islamic State’ strategy won’t eradicate extremists

Recent history shows that US intervention in the region has only ever had the effect of fanning extremism

In India and Israel, the burden of protest falls on the...

The moment of truth is approaching for Obama and his like who preach the high morality of non-violence to the powerless.

UK delivers new demand for Egyptian reform

The UK government has demanded an "orderly transition" to democratic government in Egypt, as the protests continue.

Israel ministers agree to halt settlement tenders

JERUSALEM — Israel's premier agreed on Tuesday not to invite tenders for West Bank settlement building in the coming months so as to advance the peace process, but critics said this fell far short of US demands for a settlement freeze.

China, U.S. vow to strengthen cooperation on regional, int’l issues

WASHINGTON, July 28 (Xinhua) -- The first round of the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue concluded here Tuesday with the two sides pledging to enhance cooperation on regional and international issues.

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