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Questions to the Charity Commission…

IHRC is deeply concerned over due diligence and other issues related to the UK registered Charity 'UK Toremet' and its facilitation of donations towards IDF related causes.

UK – IHRC participates in food distribution initiative

IHRC volunteers joined forces with a London charity this weekend.

UK EVENT: Bake sale in support of IHRCT

IHRC supporters have joined hands with cake fanatics to bring to you the ultimate cake sale on Saturday 22 December 2012.

Updated alert: Complain to BBC regarding Panorama Documentary ‘Faith, Hate &...

The BBC aired another documentary about British Muslims last Sunday, 30 July 2006, by the broadcast journalist John Ware


Yesterday 9th September, before midday in the Paris offices of the Muslim charity Comité de Bienfaisance pour la Solidarité avec la Palestine (CBSP).

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