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BAHRAIN: Concerns Regarding the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI)

[17 November 2011] The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) was set up by royal decree on 29 June 2011 in order to investigate the civil and political unrest that has gripped the kingdom since pro-reform protests erupted in February of the same year.

Alert: UK – Concerns regarding demonisation of Islam and Muslims by...

IHRC's latest briefing looks at the Islamophobic nature of Community Security Trust publications and expresses concern regarding the demonization of Islam and Muslims in these publications.

URGENT FOWARDED ALERT: US/UK – Health concerns for UK resident detained...

Binyam Mohamed physical and mental health fragile as a result of his treatment in captivity, and he could face an unfair trial before a military commission.

Press Release: France: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW– Report On-Line...

IHRC's overall recommendation is to repeal the 15 March 2004 Act and other such laws and policies.

France: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW by the Hijab/Religious Symbols...

Executive summary of report submitted to 40th session of CEDAW, January 2008 by IHRC.

Press Release: UK – Serious Concerns on ‘Extremism’ Proposals for Campuses

IHRC\'s latest briefing, \'You ONLY Have the Right to Silence: Muslims on Campus in Britain\' challenges current thinking on \'extremism\' on Campus.

AUSTRALIA – Deep Concerns Over Government White Papaer on Counter-Terrorism Policy

IHRC's latest briefing looks at Australia's latest anti-terror discussion generated by the government's white paper: 'Transnational Terrorism: the threat to Australia'.

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