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PODCAST: Sandew Hira on Reparations and Decolonizing the Mind

Sandew Hira joins us for a conversation with Arzu Merali about his work and activism, with a particular focus on the Decolonising the Mind concepts on reparations for enslavement.

Decolonizing the Mind: Summer School

The First Edition is being held in Amsterdam from 19 July - 31 July 2015. Arzu Merali will be lecturing

Event Report: ‘Decolonizing The Mind’ Book Series Launch

IHRC hosted the launch of the new 'Decolonizing the Mind' series with Sandew Hira and Stephen Small

Stephen Small & Sandrew Hira – Decolonising the Mind Book Launch...

The authors discussed the first two books in the new series

Press release: Decolonizing the Mind book launch – Saturday 11 October

Both Stephen Small and Sandew Hira will be present at the launch in London on Saturday 11 October

Stephen Small and Sandew Hira: UK Tour

Details and dates for the authors' tour around the UK

Book Series Launch: Decolonizing The Mind

Watch LIVE www.ihrc.tv Saturday, 11 October at 5.30pm (GMT+1)

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