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Islamophobia, Diversity and the Crisis of Democracy

Salman Sayyid and Arzu Merali spoke at the UN Human Rights Council

The Never-ending Story of Egypt: Al-Sisi and the Military Legacy

Caterina Aiena on Egypt's military legacy

Shuracracy As Islamic Democracy: The Failure of the Bahraini Constitution

Caterina Aiena provides an analysis of the Islamic consistency with democracy through the principle of Shura (consultation) with particular regard to the Bahrain constitution 2009

Press release: US aid to Egypt would send wrong message

Supporting oppressors exposed 

Democracy as Domination: Myanmar, Muslims and the Push for Ethnic Hegemony

Arzu Merali looks at implications of the current crisis.

IHRC Newsletter 2004

Read the review of IHRC work 2003 - 2004.

Gaza Holocaust: A Travesty of Democracy, Justice, & Human Rights

Professor George Joffe, Cambridge University and Dr. Daud Abdullah, Palestinian Return Centre.

Democracy in action

David rose uncovers the reality of the situation on the ground in the Palestinian territories, following the Hamas's victory over Fatah in the 2006 Palestinian election.

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