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Foreign rule could be just the ticket for Britain’s minorities

The possibility of a hung parliament in which Labour and the SNP can cobble together an alliance may fill Little Englanders with dread but for Muslims and other ethnic minorities it may be the best deal on the table, according to Faisal Bodi.

Action Alert: Bahrain – Sunni citizen locked up by Bahraini authorities

The case of Mohamed Al-Buflasa confirms that the Bahraini government is falsely attributing a sectarian nature to the revolution taking place in Bahrain.

Update Alert: Egypt – 9 reported deaths, 45 injured and 180...

It is reported that nine people have been killed, 180 arrested and 45 injured during clashes with security forces.

Press Release: Palestinian Elections expose International Community’s Prejudices

IHRC is deeply concerned at the deep-rooted prejudices which have come to light in the wake of last week's historic Palestinian elections.

URGENT ALERT: UK, June 10 elections – Candidates’ records on...

Innovative Minds have developed a web-resource looking at key human rights issues and the records of various candidates in the European elections this Thursday.

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