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Weekly Video

Is Diversity in the Tory Party Progress or Tokenism?

There are people who are saying that the proportion of ethnic minority candidates for the new Conservative Party leadership – and Britain’s next Prime Minister – is an indication that racism is something of the past in Britain. But what is the reality?

IHRC needs your Donations

As Muslims, we believe that Allah has firmly commanded us to establish justice. The services that we provide through the trust have been the safety net the community has relied on since 2003. Over the years we have been working in the background supporting the

Qurbani Appeal 2022

Once again IHRC is collecting donations from those Muslims intending to perform their Udhiyya or Qurbani in places where the less fortunate can avail themselves of its sustenance and blessings. In years gone by, in line with our commitment to helping the oppressed, we have

United Against the Lady of Heaven Film

IHRC condemns the controversial film ‘Lady of Heaven’, currently playing in cinemas up and down the country. We urge Muslims in Britain to unite in opposition of the film. With its derogatory portrayal of eminent Muslim personages in early Islamic history including the Prophet Muhammad’s