Weekly Video

Weekly Video

Ramadan Mubarak

Once again we are entering the month of Ramadan. This is the month of getting closer to Allah (swt) but also a time to help others more. IHRC’s active campaigns offer the opportunity to provide financial help across the globe. IHRC Trust operates on a

Your Guide to Boycotting Israeli Dates

Don’t let Israel con you this Ramadan. Here’s your 4-step guide to identify which dates to buy or boycott to ensure you’re not breaking your fast with Israeli dates. You can find out more information on our website here. Zaytoun and Yaffa dates can be

Support us, so we can support you

This year, please support the family of IHRC organisations including IHRC Trust and IHRC Legal. Support us, so we can support you. www.ihrc.org.uk/donate

Decolonise Your Mind: The future of Israel

We are in the last phase of the dissolution of the Apartheid state, which is the last vestige of world colonialism. We can’t image it now because our imagination is colonised. But when you understand what decolonisation of the mind works, you will understand why