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Qurbani 2023

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “The one who wholeheartedly performs Qurbani of an animal for reward, the Qurbani will serve as a barrier between him and hellfire.” [Hadith] Will you respond to this desperate plea and alleviate the sufferings of fellow Muslims in Yemen, Nigeria

Targeted: Palestinian Activism

From politicians to pharmacists. From actors to activists. We are being targeted for our pro-Palestinian activism, by coordinated pro-Israel groups.  Let’s fight back.  We’re unpacking some of the most common arguments Zionists, so that you are ready to push back. The struggle for justice in

Palestinian Christian’s Powerful Message to the World

“I am from Yaffa. We are Christians. This is nothing about religion. How much longer are we supposed to sit down and watch them murdering our people” Watch this powerful message from a Palestinian in London speaking out against Israeli atrocities.

Nakba: 75 Years of Oppression & Resistance

75 years on  The atrocities of Israel continues The silence of the Western world continues  But so does our resistance  The flying of the Palestinian flag must continue #FlyTheFlag  #FreePalestine #Nakba75 

Victory Over Pressure to Remove Palestinian Flag

Last week we told you that our local MP, councillors, police and Zionist activists were pressuring us to remove a Palestinian flag that says “Boycott Apartheid” from our shop window. Some good news: there has been a victory for common sense. Our local MP and

Eid Mubarak from the IHRC Family

Whether you are celebrating on Friday or Saturday, we wish the whole Muslim Ummah a blessed Eid Mubarak from the entire IHRC family. Insha’Allah this Ramadan we realised how powerful our community is when it stands together and gives agency to its voice and positions.

A Message From Gaza

“Inshallah Next Year We Can All Pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque” As Israel attacks #Gaza and worshippers at #AlAqsa mosque again. Palestinian women from Gaza send this message to the world. Join the Al Quds Day protest for Palestine. Sunday 16th April 2023 3pm assembling at

Anti-Zionist Jews support Palestine

As a Jewish Rabbi I find it very important to attend the Al-Quds rally every year. Here’s why,  Watch Rabbi Elhanan Beck’s important message for Palestine.