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The rising fear of hunger

Food shortages and climate change in Bangladesh.



Rough Justice: Are anti-terror proposals creating a climate of fear?

The LSESU Comparative Ideologies Society invites you to the panel discussion of the year on the Government\'s proposed Anti-Terror legislation.

Press Release: EU Human Rights Report on UK Condemns Politics of...

IHRC welcomes today's country report on the UK by the European Commissioner on Human Rights, Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles.

Press Release: Release of “Ricin 8” Exposes Labour’s Manifesto of Fear

IHRC welcomes the release today of the eight men accused of the so called “ricin poison plot”.

Press Release: IHRC Condemns Hazel Blears’ Islamophobic Politics of Fear

IHRC condemns in the strongest terms the dangerous comments made by Home Office minister Hazel Blears that Muslims should be ready to be disproportionately targeted by anti-terror laws.

URGENT ALERT: GERMANY / EGYPT: Fear of Deportation & Torture

'Abd al-Akher Hammad, aged 44 and Muhi al-Din Ahmad 'Abd al-Mun'im, aged 40 are alleged leading members of al-Gama'a al-Islamiya...Their asylum applications were examined and rejected, and their appeals were turned down by an administrative court (Verwalt

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