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Women and Hijab in Europe

Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) organised a side-panel at the Human Rights Council March 2010 Session at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on the topic of Muslim Women, Hijab and Discrimination in Europe.

PRESS RELEASE: France – Partial Burka ban further evidence of...

IHRC sees the findings of the French ‘Parliamentary Commission' as simply the latest in a line of racist policies that target Muslims, and in particular Muslim women.

Press Release: FRANCE / UK – New report ‘For Liberty: The...

IHRC's latest report, published today, looks at France and its legislation that largely affects Muslim girls and young women.

For Liberty?

 The Impact of the French Ban on the Islamic Headscarf and other Religious Symbols in Schools.

The headscarf ban in French schools: Truth unveiled

This is a collective book. Through testimonies, it tells how, French citizens, lived through the implementation of the March 15th 2004 law on the...

Campaign Letter: Letter Protesting French Hijab Ban

Protest to British Foreign Secretary regarding the French Hijab ban

URGENT ALERT: British Liberal Democrat MP supports the French hijab ban

Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Dr. Evan Harris supports the French government's decision to ban religious symbols in states schools

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