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2008 ‘deadliest’ year for Palestinians: rights group

GAZA CITY (AFP) — More than 1,000 Palestinians were killed in 2008 in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, making it the deadliest year since Israel was founded in 1948, a Palestinian rights group said on Saturday.

Press Release: IHRC calls upon Police to take action against Iranian...

IHRC is urgently calling on the Metropolitan Police to stop a meeting in support of a proscribed terrorist group taking place tomorrow.

PRESS RELEASE: Human Rights Group Condemns Madrid Bombings

IHRC Calls on Spanish Government to Promote Peace and Prevent Backlash.

PRESS RELEASE: Rights group writes to Attorney General regarding Kilroy-Silk

IHRC requests consistent assurances from Lord Goldsmith

PRESS RELEASE: Rights group demands UK government act against ‘veil ban’...

IHRC calls on Foreign Office to fight for Muslim women's rights.

PRESS RELEASE: UK Rights group condemns police and media hype over...

IHRC calls on UK police services and the media to stop the deadly spiral of demonisation caused by current arrests over alleged terrorism offences.

PRESS RELEASE: Nigeria – Lawal appeal victory welcomed by Islamic group

IHRC chairman today said that 'shariah' law as implemented in Nigeria "ignores corruption in high places but targets the powerless.”

Press Release: IHRC concern as US redefines terrorism to support banned...

IHRC is deeply concerned at the latest inconsistent application of the definition of terrorism used by the US and its allies.

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