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Britons to voice support for Jordanian prisoners in ‎Israeli jails

British activists are to stage a protest in London to draw public attention to the plight of Jordanian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Protest in solidarity with hunger strikers in Israeli prisons

Upcoming protest on Friday 13th September 4.30-6.30pm - Royal Jordanian Airlines 

Event Report: Protest outside the Jordanian Embassy

A report from our Sunday 30 June 2013 protest

Action Alert: UK / Palestine / Israel –Demand UEFA not hold...

Join the rally outside the Annual UEFA Congress in London 

Palestinian Prisoners Day Protest outside G4S

Photos of the event coming soon.

Activists Protest against Zionist Concert

Video from protesting at Zionist Concert

Video – Occupy G4S

A short video clip from one of our last protests on 1 March 2013

Action Alert: UK / Palestine / Israel – Protest against G4S...

Join the vigil against G4S and Israel’s practise of “administrative detention”

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