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IHRC Bookshop Updates

IHRC Bookshop UpdatesIHRC Bookshop & Gallery have a few announcements to share.Book...

Declaration On Taksim Gezi Park Protests

24 June 2013 Statement from the Labor and Justice Coalition.

Conference: “International Solidarity; Islamophobia, Hijab and Muslim Prisoners in Azerbaijan”

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) together with Isra Institute are holding an international conference entitled “International Solidarity; Islamophobia, Hijab and Muslim Prisoners in Azerbaijan” on 6th March 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, discussing Anti-Islam policies and the Hijab ban in Azerbaijan.

PRESS RELEASE: Germany – Banning of IHH stigmatises all Islamic humanitarian...

IHRC regards the banning of IHH in Germany as a deeply shocking development.

IHRC’s Arzu Merali attends the Islamic Feminism Congress

The head of Research department at the Islamic Human Rights Commission attends The Fourth International Congress on Islamic Feminism.

Dual Citizenship: British, Islamic or Both? — Obligation, Recognition, Respect and...

A report by Saied Reza Ameli and Arzu Merali for the Islamic Human Rights Commission. 

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Arson attack on Islamic Centre in Luton

Islamic Human Rights Commission calls upon the authorities to make increased efforts to eliminate Islamophobic elements from British society.

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