The role of “Israel” in the Balkans

Olsi Jazexhi and Demir Mahmutćehajić join Faisal Bodi for the latest Long View Conversation. Based on their essays looking at the Balkan region, they discuss the increasing role of “Israel” in the Balkans, a topic which has been much ignored. What can we learn from

Alert: Take Action for Shireen Abu Aqleh, murdered by Zionist forces

Background Action Required Model Template Recipient Addresses   Background On 11 May 2022, 51-year-old Shireen Abu Aqleh, a journalist for Al-Jazeera, who was a well-recognised face in the Arab World, was murdered by Israeli soldiers. She became known particularly for her reporting of the second

New Middle East peace initiative set to launch in London

A new public Middle East peace initiative is set to launch in London this weekend with the support of high profile celebrities. Actor Alexei Sayle and film director Ken Loach have put their names to the initiative named “Convivencia” that will bring together people of

Letter to UK supermarkets re Israeli dates

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you out of concern pertaining to some of the dates that you may be selling. Many dates that are sold in supermarkets today are from Israeli companies, grown on settlements that are illegal by International Law. In fact, 60%

Weekly Video: Apartheid State: Israel’s Bullying Environment

Go to these links for further information: Zionist organisations “enabling” Israeli apartheid – IHRC Event Report: Normalisation – Israel’s Strategy for Occupation – IHRC Apartheid Israel And The Political Zionist Claim For National Self- Determination – IHRC Mary Robinson Denies Equal Rights to Palestinians –