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Muslim history in the USA and the current uprisings

Listen to Saeed A. Khan discuss the new IHRC publication from him and Saied R. Ameli, What's Going on Here? Muslim experiences...

This speech will not be made in Syria

As Obama orates in Berlin, Moosa Arendt wonders what an alternative message from the First Lady would sound like.

Forwarded Alert – Act on Day 100 of the Hunger Strike...

Forwaded Alert by SSAC - Join the Global Weekend of Action 17th-19th May

Ten Days in Tehran: Days 4,5,6 Tehran and Karaj

A trip north of Tehran and some notes on sanctions

In India and Israel, the burden of protest falls on the...

The moment of truth is approaching for Obama and his like who preach the high morality of non-violence to the powerless.

Four Points on Syria

Robin Yassin-Kassab summarise the crisis in Syria into four points.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – US / UK / EU need to...

In another twist, Hosni Mubarak indicates that he is ‘fed up’ but that ‘Obama has not asked for him to go immediately’.  William Hague, the British foreign secretary, does not wish to advocate ‘who should... go’.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – Mubarak must go

Hosni Mubarak’s chilling message that he will be staying until September, is reminiscent of a Mafia foot soldier’s threats backed up by the Godfather. 

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