Muslim leaders urged to restate unity objectives

PRESS RELEASE – The Universal Justice Network (UJN) has appealed to the signatories of a unity declaration to rise up to the challenge posed by the recrudescence of sectarian conflict in Pakistan. In an impassioned letter to the leaders of Sunni and Shia parties in

Sectarianism in Pakistan and Beyond

This week’s video sees our chair Massoud Shadjareh discuss this topical issue. Watch the video below and find details of the Universal Justice Network’s work on sectarianism in Pakistan below, including the Pakistan Unity Declaration of 2013. Unity Declaration Read the text of the UJN

IHRC condemns Labour U-turn on Kashmir

PRESS RELEASE: Yesterday’s decision by Labour under its new leader Keir Starmer to reposition the party on the issue of Kashmir represents a betrayal of the indigenous people and a grave abnegation of international law. IHRC sees the move to recognise the Kashmir dispute as