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Sheikh M.S. Bahmanpour: Al-Quds Day 2018

Sheikh Bahmanpour delivers a threefold message to the Israeli occupiers and their supporters, the Palestinians and the Saudis.

London Protest – Free Alaa Hammad

Upcoming protest on Friday 11th October 4-6pm - Jordan International Bank

Britons to protest against G4S complicity in Palestinians’ torture

British activists will be protesting against G4S wrongdoings in Palestine.

Free the Hares Boys & Free the Nablus 3 – Protest...

Upcoming protest on Friday 30th August 5-7pm - G4S Headquarters

UK Event: London – Vigil outside G4S for Palestinian children

Join the ongoing vigils and campaign in support of Palestinian rights.

PIR’s view on the murder spree in Toulouse

According to what we know at this moment in the Mohamed Merah affair and subject to change after new information becomes available.

Forwarded Press Release: Daughters of Holy Land Five Respond to Court...

Forwarded from Center for Constitutional Rights

Action Alert: Palestinians Illegally Detained in Egyptian Prisons

Write to the Gen. Secretary of the OIC and British Foreign Minister to stress the plight of Palestinians imprisoned illegally in Egypt.

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