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Black History Month Sale

We have a couple of announcements that we want to share with you.New publication: Blackness and Islam /...

Muharram Updates

The Day of Ashura is approaching. There is still time to take advantage of our Muharram sale. Our 20% discount ends on 31st August.Discount...

Muharram 2019

As the blessed time of Muharram approaches, IHRC Bookshop is pleased to announce a month-long 15% discount to commemorate this occasion....

SALE at IHRC Bookshop & Gallery

Sale starts 22 December. Don't miss out!

Hajj 2017 SALE!

From 19 August we will be having sales online and instore

Event Report: London – A successful Bake Sale Fundraiser hosted by...

A report of the Bake Sale fundraiser in support of IHRC Trust, Saturday 22 December 2012 

Bake Sale in London for IHRCT

Bake Sale with Caketastic in support of IHRC Trust, Saturday 9 February 10am – 5pm

UK EVENT: Bake sale in support of IHRCT

IHRC supporters have joined hands with cake fanatics to bring to you the ultimate cake sale on Saturday 22 December 2012.

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