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Ramon Grosfoguel: On sectarianism, intra-faith dialogue and political alliances

Professor Grosfoguel in this short snippet from one of his presentations at Genocide Memorial Day (2017) discusses the rise of sectarianism in the ummah and the need to urgently tackle it.

PRESS KIT: Who is Sheikh El-Zakzaky? – Challenges to the Buhari...

The following press kit provide background papers presented at the Fifth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) conference in July 2018....

First Muslims, now the left: How the UK government has Islamised...

Arzu Merali writing for Middle East Eye, argues that the tropes used to demonise Muslims have now been extended to encompass the...

Ramon Grosfoguel: Unravelling Colonial Interventions

Listen to Professor Grosfoguel speak on the current understanding of racism as a modern form of classification of people. It is not inherent to humans, it has a beginning and it can and will end.

HUMAN RIGHTS IN MALAYSIA: An Overview of Concerns

Live streaming from 3pm GMT today, 19 March 2014.

Press release: Sectarian violence in Pakistan to be addressed at UN...

Deteriorating situation focus of meeting

Press release: Malaysia to feature in UN side panel discussion

Concerns over security laws and sectarianism at core of UN side panel

Pakistani Shia, Sunni leaders sign historic anti-sectarianism declaration in Turkey

Muslim scholars from Pakistan have signed a historic agreement condemning sectarianism and vowing to remove it as a cause of conflict in the violence-stricken country.

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