Volume 1 – Issue 2

Volume 1 – Issue 2

Palestinian online advocacy countering Israeli propaganda

The rise of the internet has spawned a new generation and new forms of resistance to Israeli occupation. Yousef Helou looks at the growing role social media is playing in the fight against Israeli occupation. Palestinian history has been subjected to distortion by Israel and

Don’t mention the war: Muslim Amnesia and the Need for Collective Memory

Reflexively showcasing Muslim contributions to Westernised society will not in and of itself address the Islamophobia-motivated erasure and misrepresentation of Muslims from national narratives. That requires a wider, more forceful recognition and restatement of the role played by colonialism in subalternising racialised minorities, argues Arzu

Rewriting our future: the need for Muslim narratives

Joining forces with other communities, embracing shared narratives of marginalisation and using the arts to articulate our own experiences and aspirations is essential if the Muslim community is to overturn enforced, racialised constructions of its identity, says Dr Myriam Francois “A people without the knowledge