Volume 2 – Issue 3

Volume 2 – Issue 3

From Nagpur to Nairobi to Neasden – tracing global Hindutva

The disturbing rise of Hindutva supremacism in India has been mirrored by a corresponding growth of extremism in the Indian diaspora, particularly in the UK where the efforts of such groups are now feeding into public policy decisions, says Amrit Wilson. In the six weeks

Muslims Need to Create their own Social Media Platforms

Muslims are facing unprecedented censorship and pressure from social media companies and that’s why we must urgently create our own platforms, argues journalist Roshan Muhammed Salih. Social media used to be great. Those of us who didn’t have a voice on the mainstream media could,

Is a Better World Possible? Muslims, Leadership and the Coronavirus Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic may have exposed the unpreparedness and weaknesses of the established political order but it has also underlined the ongoing failures of leadership in the Muslim community, especially its inability to think big and strategically, argues Sadek Hamid. Historically, pandemics have forced humans