Volume 2 – Issue 4

Volume 2 – Issue 4

Terra Nullius/Nakba

The political and academic discourse on colonised countries is deliberately framed in such a way that it problematises the victim while exonerating and legitimising the villain. This has involved rewriting the historical record, a sine qua non of European colonialism, and for us to confront

The Qur’an Honours Women in the Same Way it Honours Men

Enemies and critics of Islam have often isolated a particular verse from the Quran that seemingly sanctions male physical violence against women. However, as Imam Muhammad al-Asi argues, their understanding is based on a failure to grasp the nuances of the Arabic language and assign

(Re)Connecting with the Quran at the time of Coronavirus

We are in extraordinary times.  As difficult and challenging as this is, it nevertheless provides us with time and opportunities to (re)connect with the Qur’an. However, for the uninitiated, the sheer volume of interpretive works can prove daunting. Below, Shaykh Mohammad Bahmanpour provides an overview