Volume 3 – Issue 2

Volume 3 – Issue 2

New Citizens for Old: How Islamophobia makes Contemporary Germany

Listen to the podcast of the article or read the full text below.   As narratives of belonging get narrower and narrower, Arzu Merali argues that Germany provides both worrying precedents as well as ways to move beyond the arguments that to be a citizen

Shia Islam, the social winner of the latest Karabakh war

Listen to the podcast of the article or read the full text below.     When the conflict over the contested region of Ngorno-Karabakh erupted again after almost thirty years, people around the world, including Muslims, often viewed it through superficial lenses.  Zviad Jughashvili argues

The Intimacies of Surveillance

The internalisation of governmental narratives about oneself, especially as an individual or a group, is a common and arguably essential by-product of state policies aimed at controlling dissent, particularly from minoritised communities.  Niyousha Bastani argues that the Prevent policy in the UK, with its racialised

Extirpating the Deep Roots of Racism in the US

With the much celebrated election of Joe Biden, and his much vaunted reversals of Trump policies in the first few days of office, there is an expectation of change for the US.  However, Richard Sudan argues that regardless of whoever is in charge, the US