Volume 4 – Issue 1

Volume 4 – Issue 1

France: Understanding the Roots of the Anti-separatism Bill

Understanding France’s decades long attacks via law and policy against ‘problem’ communities, notably ‘Blacks’, ‘Arabs’, ‘Muslims’ and the ‘Banlieues’ is a prerequisite for anyone trying to make sense of the current anti-separatism bill. Yasser Louati argues that the only way to challenge French state racism

The Redundance of ‘Race’ as a Protected Characteristic

The prevalence of equalities legislation in various Westernised settings, particularly the US and UK has been used to give credence to the idea that these settings are post-racial, and conversations about structural racism now redundant.  Afroze F. Zaidi argues that this is not only far

Back in sight: Deflating Genocide to Dissolve Bosnia and Herzegovina

As international attention is now slowly turning to the Balkans once more, Demir Mahmutćehajić argues that the ongoing actions of Milorad Dodik and his supporters has brought the country to the brink of dissolution.  A recent view from the British daily The Guardian on Bosnia