Volume 5 – Issue 1

Volume 5 – Issue 1

Escaping False Paradigms: Ways to Reimagine an Islamic World

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher argues that the utopia of an Islamic future requires conceptualising Islamic solutions to the political, military and economic woes the world faces. Most textbooks on Islam tell us that Islam is a way of life. The briefest of reality checks will tell

My Journey from Marxism to Decolonial Theory

Sandew Hira’s profound recounting of his political and spiritual journey from Marxist to Decolonial thinker and activist, across several decades, challenges those in the current time, who claim that the only challenge to capitalism comes from the left. Introduction On January 15th, 2023 I will

The Shrinking Space for Dissent in Neoliberal Britain

The process of depoliticising Muslims has now been rolled out to the wider UK population, argues Afroze F. Zaidi. Whilst different sections of wider society are pitted against each other by government narratives that stigmatise, divide and rule, Zaidi argues that enough space still exists