Volume 5 – Issue 2

Volume 5 – Issue 2

Racism and Colonial Fantasies: The EU’s Political Communication on Palestine

Denijal Jegić unpacks the European Union’s proclamations on Palestine, arguing that the racism contained therein are not exceptional, but foundational to European ideas of itself. The Zionist colonial project is fundamental to Europe’s understanding of itself and the rest of the world. Europe needs its

On the pitfalls of culturalized religion

The twin processes of inter-cultural communication and the demand for minority rights are problematised by Linda Hyökki using the case study of Finland.  Are Muslims losing the religious meaning to their public performance of faith? As we are approach the Holy Month of Ramadan in

Muslims, Roe and Wade: Time to Rediscover Ways of Thinking Islam

The furore created by the reversing of Roe v. Wade was a US specific debate.  Takings sides, as many Muslims did, has resulted in an obscuring of Islam and the loss of the chance to set an Islamic agenda argues Nargess Moballeghi. Overview The divisive

Muslim Skeptics in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Omar Hijazi argues that the often sectarianized lens of the Muslim blogosphere is finding its authors and activists in strange harmony with the discourse of the Islamophobic West. In September 2022, popular Muslim website called the Muslim Skeptic published a long rant camouflaged as analysis