Volume 3 – Issue 3

Volume 3 – Issue 3

Liberating Lebanon and Decolonising the Discourse that Occupies It

Whilst mainstream media has (often reluctantly) been forced to report major Israeli wars and attacks on Palestinians, the daily incursions into Lebanon are rarely acknowledged.  This normalisation of colonial violence against the people of Lebanon is intertwined with the oppression of Palestinians, and the physical

Terrorism Got COVID: Or, The Constant-Threat News-Culture We Live In

The Coronavirus pandemic has had the effect of exposing the news culture that permeates first world life in a variety of ways, argues Ian Almond.  Looking back at the development of the idea of ‘threat’, and the media’s role in supporting political narratives, he suggests

Why We Need to Get Beyond Regimes of Anti-terrorism, and Fast

From the unabashed appointment of an Islamophobe to review the UK’s counter-terrorism laws, to the social engineering intentions and impacts, the British government continues to marginalise  Muslims.  Massoud Shadjareh argues that getting beyond the agenda set by the Prevent policy by looking at the bigger