Volume 3 – Issue 4

Volume 3 – Issue 4

To Engage or Not to Engage with the Establishment: That is The Question

The political and social aspirations of Muslims in Westernised settings, whether as minorities or majorities, raises the thorny question of engagement with non-Islamic governments.  Settling the question of whether or not this is possible, and what the alternatives are, is the key question Muslims must

Leading by Example: Some Notes on Contemporary Ulema

With the phenomenon of celebrity scholars proliferating in the social media age, Salina Khan argues that justice oriented leadership of Muslim communities needs to be properly appreciated and respected. About a dozen years ago when I first started listening to Islamic lectures online, I would

The Islamic Sleeping Giant and the Arena of Resistance

João Silva Jordão argues that the problems that Muslims face, real or perceived, are in fact a point of radical departure that bodes well for the future of Islam as a model for future social change and justice. The Islamic Sleeping Giant Muslims are being