What’s New at www.ihrc.org?

What’s New at www.ihrc.org?

Islamic Human Rights Commission

2nd August 2003

What\’s New at www.ihrc.org?

Assalaam alaikum,

IHRC\’s website has continued to expand apace, although we still have not completed our archive of material. New material added to the website aside from alerts and press releases include many articles and briefings. The following are links to and reviews of just some.

IHRC has a separate list for Press Releases. If any campaigners wish to join that list please email us at info@ihrc.org, putting PRESS in the subject line of your message.

1. Campaigns
2. Reports
3. Briefings
4. Articles

1. Campaigns

New and updated campaigns include new information and campaign material for the campaign to free Sheikh Obeid and Mustafa Dirani held by the IDF, as well as the anti-sectarianism project Charter 3:103.

New Resource Page on Sheklh Obeid and Mustafa Dirani
02 August 2003
The Innovative Minds\’ team have put together a complete campaign page with links to various campaign packs and information, together with photo reports and audios of the recent vigil, and details of the prisoners.

PRISONERS OF FAITH CAMPAIGN: Updated Sheikh Obaid and Mustafa Dirani pack
21 July 2003
This pack has been updated for use in the run up to the 14th anniversary of the kidnap of Sheikh Obaid by the Israeli Defence Force.

Charter 3:103
08 July 2003
CHARTER 3: 103 is a document which outlines simply the Qur’anic verse which calls for unity amongst Muslims.

Campaign Letter against British government\’s support for Israel
03 July 2003
Voice your concerns over the British government\’s continued silent support for the Israeli regime. The specimen letter outlines various issues.

2. Reports

The Annual Islamophobia Awards 2003
18 July 2003
Download or view the Powerpoint Presentation of the Nominees and Winners of the first ever Islamophobia awards. Visit the Innovative Minds webpage giving photo, audio, video and text coverage of this landmark comedy event.

Democracy in Question – the Persecution of the Believers
30 June 2003
Democracy in Question – the Persecution of the Believers Or
The Reverse Processing of Power and Powerlessness by Dr. Saied Ameli examines democracy and Islam. A must read for activists.

3. Briefings

Recent Briefings have looked at the human rights situations for (mainly) Muslims in Fiji, American Samoa, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia. There is also a briefing on issue pertaining to Indonesia’s renewed military campaign in Aceh.

Bannings and Deportations in the Pacific: racial and religious profiling in Fiji and American Samoa
25 July 2003
August 2002 witnessed the US territory of American Samoa, a Pacific island, issue a widespread ban on Muslim visitors from over 23 countries.

Arrests prompt concern for Cambodia’s Muslim minority
22 July 2003
Cambodia’s Muslim community is estimated to be 185,000 to 200,000 strong; forming 5 to 10% of Cambodia’s predominately Buddhist population.

Bulgaria’s Muslims: From Communist assimilation to tentative recognition
07 July 2003
With the ascendancy of the communist regime in 1946 and its reign until 1990, Bulgaria’s various Muslim ethnic groups witnessed harsh repression and forced assimilation campaigns.

Moldova’s Unofficial Muslims
02 July 2003
Moldova’s Muslim population have been subjected to discrimination and harassment from the Moldovan government, including the refusal to recognise and register Moldova’s Muslims.
The Plight of Chechen Refugees in Georgia
17 June 2003

Briefing: Contemporary Background to Aceh conflict
04 June 2003
Ever since Indonesia’s inception in 1949 by its former Dutch colonial masters, Aceh’s separatist movements have claimed that the former Kingdom of Aceh was forcibly integrated into the fledging Indonesian state.

4. Articles

Recent additions to the articles section on IHRC website include:

The Tears of the Acehnese
02 July 2003
The refugee camps are still with a shortage of food, clean water and other facilities, whereas the government is saying that the food needs for the refugees are enough.

The difference between freedom-fighters and terrorists is not perception but terminology
23 June 2003
Sabbia Hanif of the Islamic Human Rights Commission looks at the demonisation of Algerian Muslims in Britain. With an introduction by Arzu Merali on the Spooks controversy.

Defusing terrorism
14 June 2003
Guardian: In this week\’s exchange of emails, Fuad Nahdi and Paul Wilkinson debate if it will ever be possible to defeat al-Qaida.

Kazakhstan and the Nazarbayev Kleptocracy
07 June 2003
IHRC\’s S. Janomohamed surveys the corruption and nepotism that characterises today\’s Kazakhstan.

Cam Diary: Putting fun into fundamentalism
04 June 2003
Last Saturday I travelled to London for the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s (IHRC) first Annual Islamophobia Awards ceremony, a naming-and-shaming fundraising event…

04 June 2003
We know about Uncle Bush, but who is Aunty Islam and what is
the special relationship between the two? To answer these
questions I travelled to London last Saturday.

Archived articles added to the site include:

FOLLOW THE YELLOW STONE ROAD: Return to Orthodox hatred in Bulgaria
07 May 1999
An account of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred in Bulgaria by IHRC’s Arzu Merali

Blair silences genuine dissidents
19 September 1998
Juntas and dictators celebrate as Britain introduces ‘anti-terror’ laws. A look at Tony Blair’s governments first steps in criminalising Muslim dissidents based in the UK.

Why Charter 3:103?
12 April 1998
No one who understands Islam doubts the absolute necessity for unity amongst Muslims. The Unity of Allah, no less, is set forth as the inspiration and example for the unity of the Ummah.

09 October 1999
A short opinion piece based on the 1996 conference for Kuwaiti POWs. “Lady Thatcher, hinted at the growing acceptability of the concept of pre-emptive strikes against rogue states, in the international community’s thinking.”

Religious Persecution in Europe: Focus on Muslims
01 January 1998
In Islam, the significance and valuation for human rights and dignity can be found throughout the Quran, the holy scripture for Muslims, and throughout other religious texts.


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