What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?


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1.       Intro

We have three exciting work opportunities at IHRC.  You can find out more below.  The opportunities range from sessional, part-time and full-time work in our bookshop and gallery on London to working as the liaison between IHRC and the UN.  There are also links included to the IHRC internship programme.

Other new items on our website this week include the notice for our upcoming report on hatred and discrimination in the USA.  We are also posting information about upcoming events including a discussion with Professor Sohail Daulatzai from the USA and the ongoing vigils for Palestinian prisoners.

Wherever you are, you can help people in need in inner-city London by taking part in IHRC’s suspended coffee programme.  See links below.

If you would like to donate to IHRC please contact the office on +44 20 8904 4222 or info@ihrc.org or download a copy of our latest newsletter and fill in one of the donation forms and return to us:


Or donate online by visiting –


Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter @ihrc or on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/ihrctv

2.    Reports

Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA

Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA reveals the shocking statistic that 30% of Muslims surveyed have experienced a hate-motivated physical attack.  This stark figure is one of many statistics gleaned from a 1200 person survey undertaken in 2012 by IHRC, in California.

The publication will be out on 23 May 2013 and will be on sale for £10. Find out more here

3.    Events

Black Star, Crescent Moon: an Evening with Sohail Daulatzai

IHRC is excited and honoured to have Professor Sohail Daulatzai join us to talk about his new book.

Black Star, Crescent Moon: The Muslim International and Black Freedom beyond America traces the interactions between the Black radical imagination and the Muslim Third World from the 1950s to the present.

Date – 5 June 2013 (Wednesday)
Time – 6.45pm (GMT+1)
Venue – IHRC Bookshop

4.    Vacancies

IHRC has a number of vacancies that have opened up in the organisation.  You can find out about them below –

5.    Internships

IHRC has a rolling internship programme for undergraduate and graduate students in our office in London, UK. Find out more here.

6.    Shop

Help the Free Talha campaign.  Talha’Ahsan’s poetry volume ‘This be the Answer’ is back in print, with a new foreword and introduction.  Profits go to help the family’s campaign.


Free Talha pin.  Wear your support for Talha.

Extradite Me, I am British T-Shirt
– Available in various sizes, this T-shirt highlights the deep injustice of the Extraditions that took place last year

Finally, the IHRC Bookshop has joined the Suspended Coffee initiative.  Buy a coffee for a person in need in inner city London via the website or instore.

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