What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?


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1.       Intro

This week marks the anniversary of the Nakba. We remember the Palestinian struggle for freedom, and provide a number of resources (below) where you will be able to learn more about the cause. We have also published a number of informative briefings; including one on the impact of economic sanctions as human rights violations.

We have had a lot of positive reviews coming in for up upcoming USA report that will be published later on this month (see below). We also have a few events that are taking place over the course of the next few months that you can find out about below.

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2.    Alerts

IHRC Remembers the Nakba

A few days ago, the anniversary of the Nakba was upon us. Please take a minute to reiterate your commitment to the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Below are some links to some free on-line resources, events you can attend, and books you can buy that increase your knowledge, help the struggle and donate towards a good cause.

3.    Briefings

Economic Sanctions as Human Rights Violations: International Law and the Right to Life

Whilst the last decade has seen an unprecedented rise in wars waged openly by the US and NATO against various countries, governments and regimes, arguably another tool of war has been strengthened, that is equally devastating in its impact.  Economic sanctions are not new, however they have become a ‘peacetime’ weapon which has resulted and may possibly result in hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths and suffering on a larger scale.

The briefing above outlines international definitions of what sanctions are and how they in effect violate international norms of human rights.

Innocent people: The victims of western sanctions against Iran

It has been many years since the government and the people of Iran were first subjected to economic and educational sanctions by the major Western powers. In the last few years these sanctions, imposed as a punishment for Iran’s development of its nuclear programme, have taken on a new intensity, targeting all trade and relations in other areas between Iran and its geographical neighbours.

Read more here

4.    Press Releasea

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Responds to Sectarian attacks on Edgware Road

IHRC complains to the police at the lack of response from the London Metropolitan police after a march by a group of takfiris led by Anjum Choudry, descended into violence on Edgware road with bystanders being attacked by the mob.

5    Events

Black Star, Crescent Moon: an Evening with Sohail Daulatzai

IHRC is excited and honoured to have Professor Sohail Daulatzai join us to talk about his new book.

Black Star, Crescent Moon: The Muslim International and Black Freedom beyond America traces the interactions between the Black radical imagination and the Muslim Third World from the 1950s to the present.

Date – 5 June 2013 (Wednesday)
Time – 6.45pm (GMT+1)
Venue – IHRC Bookshop (also streaming live)

Book Launch: Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict by Katy P. Sian

We are delighted to launch Katy P. Sian’s courageous book that challenges racialised communities to critically look at their conceptualisations of each other. 

In Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict: Mistaken Identities, Forced Conversions and Postcolonial Formations, Sian provides a critical investigation into Sikh and Muslim conflict in the postcolonial setting

Date – 26 June 2013
Time – 6.45pm (GMT+1)
Venue – IHRC Bookshop (also streaming live)

6.    Reports

Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA

Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA reveals the shocking statistic that 30% of Muslims surveyed have experienced a hate-motivated physical attack.  This stark figure is one of many statistics gleaned from a 1200 person survey undertaken in 2012 by IHRC, in California.

The publication will be out on 23 May 2013 and will be on sale for £10. Find out more here

7.    Multimedia

Below is a link to a series of photographs taken from one of our recent protests against G4S’s complicity in the torture of Palestinian children.


We are currently updating our gallery with new images every week.

8.    Shop

Malcolm X / IHRC Book Bag

Carry the message ‘Truth is on the side of the oppressed’ from Malcolm X (reverse IHRC Logo) everywhere with your books and supplies.

This 100% cotton book bag from IHRC (design by Ilmwear) was manufactured in a Fair-trade accredited, ethically audited, carbon neutral factory.


The Ascendant Quran: Realigning Man to the Divine Power Culture
A tafsir by Imam Muhammad Al-Asi. 

In these troubling times, this tafsir of the Divine book contextualises the current era and the applicability of Divine concepts to help humanity move forward.


Encountering Islam: The Politics of Knowledge and Scholarship
Yusef Progler

Starting with question what date is it? – Yusef Progler takes readers on a journey through how knowledge is defined by dominant cultures, and that ways of knowing are often used to control the social and political life of the world’s people even after political decolonisation.  Progler argues for a decolonisation of the mind, for there to be true liberation.


Also, the IHRC Bookshop has joined the Suspended Coffee initiative.  Buy a coffee for a person in need in inner city London via the website or instore.



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