What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?


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1. Intro

Given the terrible events in Egypt this week, much of our work has been linked to highlighting the atrocities through our sources on the ground.  We have also uploaded photographs of, reports and commentary on Al-Quds Day, and are working on monitoring the situation in Kashmir and Myanmar to report, we hope, next week.

In the UK, the case of the Butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, has reared its head again, with an invitation being extended to him to come to the UK.  Below we link to our report from 2003 on the horrors of the 2002 massacres.  Campaign details will follow soon.

We are also releasing our Know Your Rights Leaflet for Schedule 7.  We are introducing a new section to the website which compiles these guides for UK based citizens.

We hope that all our supporters had a good Eid.  We have published some news this week of heartbreaking sectarianism during Eid celebrations.  A timely reminder of ludicrous nature of internecine hatred.

Please remember us in your duas, and consider giving us a donation by any of the methods below.  We rely on your contribution to enable us to support victims of hatred and violence.

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2. Know You Rights

Know Your Rights: Schedule 7

A quick guide to your rights if you are stopped for questioning at any UK port.

What to do if you see someone being stopped (Immigration checks)

Advice from the Anti-Raids Network

3. Vacancies

Vacancy for Casework support Officer and PA to the Chair 

IHRC is looking for a part-time casework support officer to provide case-work and administrative support as well as day to day administration for the Chair of IHRC, deadline 25 August 2013.

Vacancy for Events Officer

Deadline 23 August

4. Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – Outrage at Killings and Violence by Army 

Army must go and civilian rule reinstated. IHRC is outraged and shocked at the Egyptian military’s use of brutal force against anti-coup protesters. The images emerging are deeply troubling and are worse than anything that dictator Mubarak ever committed.



A joint statement by Citizens International, MAPIM, Universal Justice Network (UJN) and SHURA strongly condemns the mass murder by the Egyptian army and police of people protesting peacefully against the military coup in Egypt and for the restoration of democracy.

Reminder: Visionary Awakening 

Exhibition Launch Wednesday 18 September 2013, 7pm – 9pm. Photographer and artist Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail’s work will be on exhibition at the IHRC gallery in Wembley, northwest London.  Press wishing to register for the launch event should email media@ihrc.org or call 020 8904 4222.  Photos, audio and video clips will be available.

Hold on to the rope of Allah

A message from UJN on sectarianism in Malaysia

5. Multimedia

Egypt: Cairo, 14 / 15 August Dead and Injured

CAUTION:  Disturbing Images

PHOTOS:  Al Quds Day 2013, London

A few snapshots from the event Al-Quds Day 2013; on Friday 2 August 2013 taken by Sam Hardy.

PHOTOS:  Al-Quds Day, London, UK, 2 August 2013

Pictures from Al Quds Day 2013 taken by (c) Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail.

AUDIO: BBC Asian Network Eid Packs 

BBC Asian Network report on Eid Packs donated by IHRC to Muslim Prisoners. Eid packs were supplied to more than 400 Muslim prisoners in London.

AUDIO:  RTE interviews IHRC Chair on Egypt Massacres

6. IHRC in Media

London Muslim prisoners received Eid packs 

Eid packs were supplied to more than 400 Muslim prisoners in London. As Muslims around the world celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a London-based charity is providing Eid packs to more than 400 prisoners so they can mark the occasion.

Muslim Brotherhood vows to bring down military coup 

International community’s condemnation too little, too late. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said it would bring down the “military coup” and remained committed to peaceful activism.

7. Upcoming Events

Decolonising the Mind – Training Course 

Join IHRC and Sandew Hira in London or Birmingham this September. Following the success of last year’s course, IHRC is delighted to be holding more Decolonising the Mind courses led by Sandew Hira from the International Institute for Scientific Research in the Netherlands.

Visionary Awakening

Exhibition Launch 18 September.

Author Evening with Joe Glenton

Watch LIVE on ihrc.tv on 28 August

Free Advice Surgeries: London, UK

These continue every Wednesday from 5pm – 7pm

8. Articles

Separation: Shiite refugees praying without prayer mats 

Sampang Shiite refugees segregated from Jamah on Eid, as not considered Muslims.

Hadi douses sectarian flame, fears Syrian struggle losing focus 

Jun 25: Amid the worrying trend of increased Shia-Sunni sectarianism in the Syrian conflict, PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang (right) has again urged Muslim leaders to wise up to the larger gameplan.

MAPIM reminds local Islamic authorities of Amman Message

Aug 5: Amid a divisive campaign believed to be spearheaded by the Wahhabi lobby against the so-called Shi’ite threat, an umbrella Islamic organisation has reminded local religious authorities of the Amman Message signed in 2004 by world Muslim scholars and leaders including then Malaysian prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Malaysia: Boycott call of Shias Disturbing 

A Facebook page Serambi Politik, has called on Malays to boycott the clinic of Dr. Nur Azah on the basis that she and her husband are Shia Muslims. Stating that Shias have left the fold of Islam, the page calls for a boycott of all Shias, even, the page states, if they are Malay.

Sufi Muslims Feel the Heat of Indonesia’s Rising Intolerance

The plight of the Al-Mujahadah Foundation madrassa in southern Aceh illustrates the perils of rising religious intolerance for Indonesia’s religious minorities.

9.  Comment and blogs

Reflections on US Crimes in Hiroshima

On the anniversary of the bombings, IHRC reflects on this heinous crime.

An Open Letter to Hamas on the Day of Al-Quds.

Some thoughts from a veteran activist


An argument for an alternative Quds day, led by Turkey, that Sunnis can support, followed by a reply on the silliness of this sectarian view.

10.  From the Archives

Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide

Read the report from 2002 here

11. Shop

Salvador Allende: Revolutionary Democrat, is now available for £12.99

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