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What is Al Quds Day?

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Our dedicated information page to explain what Al Quds Day means.

“The Quds Day is a universal day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand up against the arrogant.” Imam Khomeini

“Oh Muslims and deprived of the world, rise up in unity and take your destiny in your hands. Lets start from where we live. We should sanction their economy, and puppets in our countries. We should deny them any breathing space until we free our nations of their perfidy. It should ever remain in our minds that we can free Quds only when we free our nation of its corrupt elements.”

“We therefore call on Muslims worldwide and all peace and freedom lovers to see support for Palestinians, the weak and the oppressed throughout the world, as a personal as well as collective obligation. They should also condemn in totality Israeli aggression on innocent civilians, as they are living witnesses of the historical injustice and the deprivation of fundamental human rights by these enemies of humanity. We should encourage abstaining from trading in and buying all goods made by them, severing diplomatic ties with Israel and exposing their insidious propaganda of creating disharmony and legalising shedding of blood of fellow Muslims, among other measures. Islamic and human rights activists worldwide, even among the Jews, keep the spirit of Quds Day alive by demonstrations, write ups and lectures in major cities.”

Reports from previous London Al-Quds Day

15 January 2000, London      09 December 2001 (1422), London
01 December 2002 (1423), London     23 November 2003 (1424), London
22 October 2006, London     07 October 2007, London
28 September 2008, London    13 September 2009, London

Reports from other Al-Quds Days from around the world in different years

South Africa

Further resources on Palestine





Al-Quds in London 2009

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