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1. Intro

Join IHRC and Sandew Hira in London this Sunday 22nd September 2013 9am-5pm or Birmingham 28 and 29 September 2013 9am-5pm. Book your tickets now, more information below. Following the success of last year’s course, IHRC is delighted to be holding more Decolonising the Mind courses led by Sandew Hira from the International Institute for Scientific Research in the Netherlands. 

Find out how you can help the Bangladeshi Jamat-e-Islaami activists be given a fair trial. Sana Mushtaq looks at the case of Lynne Stewart.

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2. Alerts

Action Alert: Bangladesh – Demand a Fair Trial for Jamat-e-Islaami Activists

Jamat-e-Islaami activists should be given a fair trial, find out how you can help.

Please write to the High Commissioner of Bangladesh in your country, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh and to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh as a matter of urgency and demand a fair trial for the the Jamat-e-Islaami activists who have been implicated in alleged war crimes they claim to have not committed.

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Free Advice Surgeries – London, UK

Islamic Human Rights Commission offers free weekly Information and Advice surgeries every Wednesday. Our professional caseworkers can provide people with information and advice on a whole range of issues.

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3. Campaigns

Aafia Siddiqui Campaign

Don’t forget this notorious case of US injustice

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui languishes in a US jail after a harrowing ordeal of kidnapping in Pakistan, detention in the notorious Bagram airbase, a prolonged period where no-one knows where she was followed by a sham trial and sentencing, over a period of almost a decade.  More information on her case can be found on the Justice for Aafia page.

Lynne Stewart Campaign

Find out more about Lynne and join the campaign for her release. 

IHRC is urging campaigners to contact the prison where Lynne Stewart is held, and to Lynne herself to show support to this tireless campaigner for justice.

Lynne Stewart was the lawyer for Sheikh Omer Abderrahmane, and was convicted of aiding terrorism by sending messages to Abderrahmane’s supporters.  She is in her 70s and has terminal cancer.  Her campaign, Justice for Lynne Stewart is calling for her immediate compassionate release and IHRC urges campaigners to join the campaign.  An action alert with model letters can be found below, as well as links to more information on her case, and the case of Sheikh Omer Abderrahmane.

Eid Packs for Prisoners

Send a pack to a prisoner this Eid

Following the successful distribution of Eid packs to 600 prisoners for the last two years (see below), IHRC is organising to send more packs for Eid ul Adha 2013.  If you would like to donate please call us on +44 20 8904 4222 or email advocacy[AT]ihrc.org or donate on-line here.

You can pay for 10 packs at £50, 20 packs at £100 or 100 packs at £500.  If you want to donate a different amount please call us.

Know Your Rights: Schedule 7 Resources

A compilation of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the Schedule 7 and know your rights.

4. IHRC in Media

Justice in America: The Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike, Lynne Stewart, Ramsey Muñiz, Assata Shakur

In California the ‘Pelican Bay’ prisoners’ hunger strike was suspended Sept. 5th by the prisoners without gaining all its objectives. Among these were the end of long term solitary confinement and group punishments. The movement breaks new ground with its statement of solidarity and no violence between warring gangs and racial groups. This third hunger strike since July 1, 2011 resumed July 8th 2013, with 100,000 California prisoners participating and over 40 at its final week when 10 prisoners per day were collapsing or in need of medical attention.

5. Briefing

Lynne Stewart: Yet another victim of the draconian American legal code

Sana Mushtaq looks at this alarming case.

Lynne Stewart, a former criminal defence lawyer, born on October 8, 1939, was found guilty of assisting an Egyptian cleric (Omar Abdul Rahman, otherwise known as the “The Blind Sheikh”) relay jailhouse messages to his followers and issuing press releases on his behalf. She was lead trial counsel in the aforementioned case and represented this Islamic scholar since 1995 until the arrest of her and her paralegal including the interpreter for the case in April 2002, on grounds of materially aiding a terrorist organisation. 

6. IHRC at UN

2014 UPR report on Portugal

IHRC concerns over police brutality and institutionalised racism.

In this submission, the Islamic Human Rights Commission raises concern in relation to ill treatment by law enforcement officials in Portugal towards people of colour, people of low socio-economic background and peaceful demonstrators.  IHRC also raises concerns over the alleged complicity of the Portuguese authorities in the CIA rendition flights of terror suspects to Guantanamo Bay.

7. Upcoming Events

Decolonising the Mind – Training Course 

Join IHRC and Sandew Hira in London or Birmingham this September. Following the success of last year’s course, IHRC is delighted to be holding more Decolonising the Mind courses led by Sandew Hira from the International Institute for Scientific Research in the Netherlands. 

London (One Day Course) 22 September (Sunday) 2013

The cost of the course is £23 (full rate) and £18 (concessions). Buy your ticket by clicking here or calling us on 020 8904 4222.

The concessionary rate is available to OAP’s, Students, the unwaged and regular IHRC supporters.

Birmingham (Two Day Course) 28 and 29 September 2013

The cost for the two day course is £40 (full rate) and £25 (concessions). Buy your ticket by clicking here or calling us on 020 8904 4222.

The concessionary rate is available to OAP’s, Students, the unwaged and regular IHRC supporters.

8. Press Release

Press Release: Beyond the Veil – Exhibition

Visionary Awakening – Challenging the Narrative of Muslim Women.

With the idea of Muslim women’s agency under ‘discussion’ again in the UK, Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail’s solo exhibition is a timely and ironically relevant contribution to the narrative.  Her installation ‘Beyond the Veil’ will be opening the overview of Jamal al-Lail’s work at the IHRC Gallery spaces in North West London.

9. Multimedia – Video

IHRC concerned over UK Niqab ‘debate’

UK following disturbing precedent. Laura Stuart is English. She became a Muslim thirteen years ago and three years later she started wearing the Niqab.

PressTV interviewed Arzu Merali from IHRC for her take on the veil also known as the ‘niqab’.

10. Shop

New in:
Live From Death Row by Mumia Abu-Jamal presents the prison writings of Abu-Jamal, perhaps the most celebrated death row inmate in America. He has been on the forefront of the crusade against racism and political bias in the American judicial system. This book is an unflinching account of the brutalities, humiliations, and atrocities of prison life.

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