IHRC distributes gifts to Muslim Prisoners this Eid


The packs will contain an Eid card with a short message as well as a bag of sweets and a miswak as a small gift. 

Muslim prisoners have an extremely hard time practicing their faith in prison. Not getting access to halal food, inadequate prayer facilities, no facilitation of fasting during Ramadan as well as discrimination from other prisoners are just some of the issues faced by Muslim prisoners. This is made worse by the sense of isolation they feel.

Eid is a time for celebration for Muslims and for Muslims in prisons, it is the highlight of an otherwise isolated existence. As one prisoner described his experience of Eid:

“The prison also made arrangements for food and for the first time in my prison experience I found myself eating with other people of the same faith. It was quite an experience as we took many things for granted when we were outside these walls, and now the smallest of favours is like a breath of fresh air which you find yourself most humbled and grateful for.” Ramadan In Prison: IHRC Ramadan Newsletter 2012

Sending small gifts for Eid to prisoners can be a major boost for them. It is a sign that they are still connected with the wider community. Our Eid packs for Eid al-Fitr 2012 were very well received:

“The Muslim prison population did appreciate the gifts from the Brothers and Sisters outside… And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at IHRC for thinking of the Muslim prisoners… Can you also pass my regards to all those who have put a huge effort in building this bridge between the Prison and the community. May Allah reward all of you and accept your hard work for His pleasure.” Muslim Chaplin, South London.

“Masha Allah! I’ve just seen the Eid gifts and very impressed by what you guys have done in such a short time. Mabruk, TakabbalAllah. I’m sure your sincerity will pay dividends” Muslim Chaplin, West London .

IHRC urges members of the community to donate generously towards the IHRC prisoner Eid packs.

“And feed with food the needy, the orphan and the prisoner, for love of Him.” Quran 76:8