Support IHRC: Your donations are crucial to the success of all our work

This is a crucial time of year for us. Please help the struggle for justice with your donation.

Ramadan is approaching, and we are sure you will have already received many requests for support.  We will soon be sending information on our year’s work, our Ramadan campaigns and our message for the year to you with a request for your continued financial support.  If you want to, please do donate now to our work.  We are currently fundraising for projects supported by Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust (charity registration no:  1106120).

This is a crucial time of year for us.  Our work is not something that is easy to raise funds for.  We tackle difficult cases and causes.  These are sometimes little heard of causes and don’t interest a wider community unless and until the BBC or Al-Jazeera report on them.  Other times they are simply unpopular but deeply important.  In any case, you have been a steadfast supporter of IHRC.  We humbly ask you consider supporting us with a donation, large or small.

Also, please do consider giving a donation for our Ramadan packs for prisoners.  This pack contains:

– x1 Quran

–  x1 The Prophet’s Ramadhan: How the Prophet Observed the Month of Ramadan

–  x1 Knowing The Quran

–  x1 Prayer beads

–  x1 Perfume Jamid (perfume blocks) used to fragrance the room

–  x1 Head Scarf

Each Pack will cost £20 and will be a wonderful gift to a fellow Muslim.

For more information please contact us on the number or email below.

May Allah swt bless us all in abundance.