Palestinian Children Campaign Pack



“Since the beginning of the Palestinian Intifada, over 350 children under the age of 18 have been arrested by the Israeli authorities. In addition, approximately 20 children are being held in Israeli Detention Centers in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

“In spite of various international regulations safeguarding the rights of juveniles deprived of their liberty, detained Palestinian children suffer routine violations of their basic rights.”

Defence for Children International/Palestine Section
April 2001

1. Introduction
2. Figures from September 2000 – January 2001
3. Israeli Arrest Procedure and Subsequent Detention of Palestinian Children

4. Israeli Policy Towards Stone Throwing Children
5. UN Articles with Respect to Rights of the Child
6. Violations Made by the Israeli Authorities with Respect to the Rights of the Palestinian children.

a. Ramle Prison
b. Telmond Prison
8. The Israeli “Justice” System
a. The Murder of Hilmi Shusheh
b. The Stabbing of a Jewish Settler
9. Harrassment of Palestinian Human Rights Lawyers
10. Specimen Letter to Jack Straw MP
11. Specimen Letter to Mrs Mary Robinson UNHCHR
12. Specimen Letter to Muslim Ambassadors