Prisoner of Faith: Accompanying Notes for All Campaign Packs

These notes give the reasoning and background for the Prisoner of Faith campaigns and methodologies employed. Please download these andread in conjunction with whichever pack(s) you downlaod.

It has been estimated that there are approximately 250,000 Muslim prisoners of faith around the world today, held in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. They can be politicians, members of human rights organisations, students, writers, actors and indeed come from all spheres of life, but have one thing in common in that they have wished to adhere to the Islamic belief and way of life. The government of the country where the prisoners of faith are held often portrays them as terrorists, inciters of religious hatred or of even trying to change the constitution of the country. Once locked away, it is all too easy to forget about these prisoners of faith, who can be subjected to the most extreme and brutal forms of torture. Despite the various human rights treaties which have been ratified by governments to protect the right of an individual not to be subjected to torture and the countless UN resolutions banning its use, this practice still continues, largely ignored by the international community. The right not to be tortured is non-derogable, meaning in all situations even in a state of emergency this right must be guaranteed.

This campaign pack for prisoners of faith is an update to the one produced in April 2001. More background information has been added to the prisoners of faith IHRC has been previously campaigning for as well as developments between April 2001 and January 2002. In addition, IHRC has started to support the campaign for Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. Separate information which Insha’Allah will be expanded is available on prisoners of faith in the following countries: Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and “Israel”. In addition, information is available on human rights abuses in China and Uzbekistan.