Event Report: Protesting Saudi Injustice


With the arrival of Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman, it was imperative to protest the disgusting crimes of the Saudi regime and highlight the British government’s hypocrsy in its continued support of such heinous acts.

Saudi has persistently bombed Yemen. (The Saudi regime has also supported repression in Bahrain, imposed a blockade on Qatar, and detained the Lebanese Prime Minister.) As a result of the Saudi led bombing the U.N. has stated that Yemen has become “the world’s largest humanitarian crisis” in the last 50 years. According to official data, the war has killed 13,600 people, including many children. Public infrastructure has been devastated and homes destroyed by Saudi attacks; more than 3 million people have fled their homes. A staggering 1.2 million civil servants haven’t received their salaries in more than a year, leaving health, education and sanitation services without the people and resources needed to keep them running. Yemenis are dying from preventable illnesses: malnutrition, diarrhoea and respiratory tract infections. Cholera has become widespread and threatens to take tens of thousands of lives, a situation that can still be prevented if the Saudi’s stop their war against Yemen. The Saudi regime is ready to destroy Yemen if it does not have the obedience and subservience of all Yemenis.

Images showcasing these vile crimes were projected onto parliament in Westminster