GMD Schools: Resources for April; TransAtlantic Slavery, reparations

Here are a few quick updates on the Genocide Memorial Day Project.

Poetry Competition for 2020
The Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) poetry competition was established in 2012 to raise awareness around issues like racism, otherisation, discrimination and dehumanisation. Our aim is to inspire students to express themselves through writing poetry and help teachers in subjects across the curriculum encourage students to learn about and discuss genocide and more particularly how they come about and how they may be prevented.

The GMD competition challenges your students to write a poem and reflect the theme of ‘protecting humanity from genocide’. Full details of the competition can be found here
The deadline for submissions this year is 1st December 2019. Winners will be announced at the Genocide Memorial Day event on Sunday 19th January 2020. 

The competition generally cuts across various curriculum strands including history, English literature, politics, religious education, citizenship and media studies. 

Lesson Plans and School Resources
The Case for Reparations 1 – PowerPointManual
The Case for Reparation 2 – PowerPointManual
In these two new lesson plans we introduce students to the ideas around reparations focusing largely on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, but with a wider discussion around colonialism and also current legal developments. Reparations for enslavement become particularly important because colonial states, institutions and families benefitted from enslavement, and because the psychological, social, and economic effects of enslavement continue until the present day. These lesson plans emphasise the repercussions of the violence of enslavement and how slavery was based on racist institutions that remain very much intact to this day. 

The lesson plans can stand alone or be used in conjunction with each other.  They target ages 14+, and each last 1 hour but can be adapted to fit shorter lessons.

All our lesson plans are available under the Genocide Memorial Day author account on the TES resources site as well as on our website.  We will be adding more in the coming weeks so please look out for them.  

In addition, in our School Resources section, we have links to relevant documentaries, films, essays, poems, posters and books.  We also have a discount of 15% available for small orders of those items stocked by the IHRC Bookshop.  Please use the code BOOKS4SCHOOL at the checkout. If you want to make a larger order and get a larger discount, please contact the bookshop directly on

Looking forward to continuing this project with your support and feedback.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With prayers and peace,

Genocide Memorial Day Team