Ashura and the Misappropriated Poppy

The misappropriation of the Great War is something we should all resist, argues Arzu Merali, particularly the trend to equate remembrance day with Islamic history.

Ghosts of the Republic: Turkey in the Post-Ergekenon era

Arzu Merali reflects on 90 years of the Turkish Republic

End of the Egyptian Revolution

Last week the ousted president of Egypt. Mohammed Morsi appeared before a military court in his first public appearance since being removed from power last July. The astonishing fall from power Egypt’s first ever civilian ruler marks the end of the Egyptian revolution – for now at least – and the reassertion of military dominance, according toFaisal Bodi

Schools, Lies and Muslimness

Arzu Merali argues that it is the crises of mainstream education the fuel the desire for Muslim schools

Ottomania and the continuing conceits of Empire.

A review of Rageh Omaar's BBC2 series.

Muslim schools, hijab and Islamophobia in the UK

Faisal Bodi looks at the demonised  discourse around Al-Madinah school 

Extradition One Year On: the Hypocrisy that doesn’t End

Faisal Bodi looks at the latest development a year after Talha Ahsan and others were sent to the US

Shattered Dreams and Neo-Ottoman Nightmares

Arzu Merali reflects on the crisis of politics in Turkey.

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