Listen to leading scholars discuss issues relating to genocide prevention, restorative justice and ongoing crimes against humanity with relevance to the study of law, social sciences, philosophy, politics and more. Suitable for university study, as well as activists wanting to broaden their knowledge base.

IHRC will be produces four or five podcasts a year for activists and university students on different issues relating to genocide, its history and its potential in the current age.

You can listen to them and or download them from the IHRC website, Soundcloud and iTunes using the links below

2020 Haim Bresheeth on Genocide, Racism and Colonialism IHRC Website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2020 Saeed Khan on Genocide and the USA, past, present and future IHRC Website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2019 Esther Stanford Xosei on Reparatory Justice IHRC website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2019 Ramón Grosfoguel on the Four Genocides / Epistemicides of the Modern Era IHRC website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2019 Sandew Hira on Reparations and Decolonizing the Mind IHRC website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2019 Roberto D. Hernandez on Newness, Modernity and Coloniality IHRC website / Soundcloud / iTunes

2019 Santiago Slabodsky on whether Muslims are the new Jews? IHRC Website / Soundcloud / iTunes