‘The Rohingya Crisis – A People Facing Extinction’ with Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari joined us to discuss his book ‘The Rohingya Crisis – A People Facing Extinction’ and the larger crisis that is facing the persecuted community.

This event took place on 16 July at the IHRC Bookshop & Gallery. Watch the video below and read more about the book and the author below. Buy the book at the IHRC Bookshop.

Dr. Abdul Bari discussed his book with Ahmed Uddin.

Widely-known as the world’s most persecuted minority group, the Rohingya in Myanmar are now facing extinction. Denied citizenship rights, denied their very ethnic identity, hundreds of thousands have fled Rakhine State in Myanmar over the border into Bangladesh, where they face squalid conditions. Many have witnessed death, mutilation and rape, as well as whole villages, what they called home, burning to ashes. Leading British Muslim figure Muhammad Abdul Bari has no doubt that what the Rohingya have been subject to, is genocide.

In this concise but powerfully argued book, he brings to light the scale and barbarity of their suffering and argues that the international community, through the UN, must ensure their full repatriation with full citizen rights to their homeland.

About the Author

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari is a British civic society activist , educationalist, parenting consultant and author. He was born in Bangladesh and began his career as an Air Force officer there, but moved to the UK for Physics research at London University in the early 1980s. He then moved into secondary Science teaching in the 1990s, taking an early retirement as a Specialist teacher in Behaviour Support in 2011. Since then, he has focused on writing, working with civil society bodies, facilitating his own parenting course and mentoring young people.

Dr Bari has a long involvement with several large voluntary organisations including the Muslim Council of Britain, Citizens UK and East London Mosque as well as a number of charities. He also served as a board member of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (London 2012). He is an Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary University of London and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Education from the University of East London.

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