Pressures on Muslim Organisations – What's the Way Forward?

Watch Arzu Merali discuss this issue with Roshan Salih on The Big Picture. Find more resources on the subject below the video.

This program took place on 13 January 2021

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Read this briefing from January 2019 on Shrinking Space for CSOs.

Read how the Commission for Countering Extremism impacts on this marginalisation of legitimate political voices, especially from the Muslim community

The videos of IHRC’s 2019 Islamophobia conference on this subject will soon be available.

For more on the Henry Jackson Society report that Roshan mentions see the following:

Arzu discusses an attack on IHRC by The Times in this interview. Here is some more information on it.

Faisal Bodi covered the issues in his critique of The Times’ attack on IHRC in 2019 in The Times and the targeting of dissenting Muslim voices.

Read IHRC’s answers to The Times’ questions and IHRC’s brief thoughts here.