Shrinking Spaces

Shrinking Spaces

Government will face legal action if it bans Palestine flag

Civil society organisations in the UK have written to the government warning it that any attempt to ban the Palestine flag will be met with an immediate challenge in the courts. The letter, signed by 10 organisations, threatens the legal action if the government goes

Muslim organisations targeted by cancel culture

Muslim organisations have been the canary in the coal mine for a vicious brand of cancel politics being waged by the neo-liberal establishment, argues Faisal Bodi   Britain’s ranking in the third tier of a global index of freedom of expression by Index on Censorship

Journalism in the Time of Trojan Horse

  Arzu Merali reflects on Serial’s podcast series of the infamous affair that resulted in a societal sea change for the worse against Muslims [substitute alternate teaser here]. Let me start with this. Serial is excellent and everyone needs to listen to it, even if,