Shrinking Spaces


On Islamophobia, Britishness and the shrinking political space

Islamophobia has always needed to be understood as part of the deeper crisis of the political and social culture we live in, argues Arzu Merali. I have been swotting up on Jerusalem for my youngest’s A-Levels this month. I would rather abstractly debate whether the

The Times and the targeting of dissenting Muslim voices

Faisal Bodi, from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, says a recent attack on his organisation by The Times newspaper is symptomatic of an Establishment that seeks to drive dissenting Muslim voices out of the public space.  It’s somewhat perverse that The Times should draw on George

On The Times, Andrew Norfolk and the Paucity of Power

In reference to The Times reporting and leading comment regarding IHRC on 10 October 2019, IHRC stated: It matters little that e.g. the charity that gives its money to IHRC is in fact the charitable arm of IHRC registered under the direction and full supervision

A Fly Girl’s Guide to University

The blog is back, and what a way to start. Dear Friends, Peace! Just a quick reminder about tonight’s event at the IHRC Bookshop and Gallery.  We are delighted to have Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, Waithera Sebatindira and Lola Olufemi, to discuss their book A FLY Girl’s Guide

IHRC in Henry Jackson Society’s sights – again

Faisal Bodi sets HJS’ latest conspiracist claims in context. The inveterate Islamophobes in the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) are at it again. Having savaged almost the entire gamut of Muslim civil society organisations, the pseudo think-thank whose leaders have called Muslims in Europe a “demographic

Event Report: Political Muslims with Tahir Abbas & Sadek Hamid

Watch Sadek Hamid and Tahir Abbas talk about their book Political Muslims: Understanding Youth Resistance in a Global Context with Ahmed Uddin, on Thursday 25 April. The discussion began around the relationship with Britain and its former colonies throughout the Muslim world and the history