Shrinking Spaces

Journalism in the Time of Trojan Horse

  Arzu Merali reflects on Serial’s podcast series of the infamous affair that resulted in a societal sea change for the worse against Muslims [substitute alternate teaser here]. Let me start with this. Serial is excellent and everyone needs to listen to it, even if,

Pressures on Muslim Organisations – What's the Way Forward?

Watch Arzu Merali discuss this issue with Roshan Salih on The Big Picture. Find more resources on the subject below the video. Find more on Shrinking Spaces for Muslims Read this briefing from January 2019 on Shrinking Space for CSOs. Read how the Commission for

Shrinking of civic space should ring alarm bells

29 JULY 2020 PRESS RELEASE: The finding by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) that the spaces in which civic organisations can safely operate have shrunk yet again should ring alarm bells in the Union. According to the second annual consultation carried out by

Conferences to highlight Muslim exclusion from public space

PRESS RELEASE [First issued 4 December 2019]The sixth annual IHRC / SACC Islamophobia Conference taking place a week on Saturday 14 December 2019 will discuss the different ways in which civil society space has shrunk in Britain and beyond, with a particular focus on Muslim

Corbyn and Anti-Semitism – Prof Gus John answers Archbishop Welby

Esteemed academic Professor Gus John resigned last week from a Church of England advisory body in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvi’s intervention in The Times calling on Jews not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.