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Open letter to JC

IHRC has complained about the Jewish Chronicle's reporting on this year's Al-Quds Day virtual event.By email

Huge global online event to mark Al-Quds Day

PRESS RELEASE – PALESTINE/WORLDWIDE:The annual Al-Quds Day to show solidarity with the people of Palestine will be...

Whoever you are – Fly the Flag of Palestine

Whatever your faith, wherever you are #FlyTheFlag for Palestine #AlQudsDay2020https://youtu.be/VHlRduL-luY

Al-Quds Day goes online with huge global event

PRESS RELEASE :A huge online event will take place this week to mark Al-Quds Day and show...

World gears up to mark Palestine anniversaries

PRESS RELEASE :Preparations are underway the world over to commemorate two major anniversaries in the Palestinian calendar in...

VIDEO: Why Fly the Flag of Palestine?

IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh discussed the campaign with Marzieh Hashemi of PressTV (approx. 4 mins).https://www.ihrc.org.uk/activities/campaigns/25441-freedom-for-palestine-july-2014-2/ Why Fly the Flag?...

Al-Quds Day 2020: Fly the Flag of Palestine

Support the Palestinian struggle in the face of the Israeli onslaught. Fly the flag and show resistance by taking action!

Al-Quds Day Online – Watch on Links below

Join the Struggle for justice, online, #AlQudsDay2020. Watch on the links below.You can...

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